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SG team distances itself – Breisgau district league


The SG team distances itself

Since last Friday, the report of referee Andreas Nübling after the cancellation of the district league match between SG Freiamt-Ottoschwanden and SC Reute last Wednesday (according to BZ) is available to season leader Arno Kiechle, sports judge Claudio La Malfa and the clubs involved. With a deficit of 3:6, the players of SC Reute had left the field shortly before the end of the game after an allegedly racist insult from a spectator. As they refused to return to the field, Nübling had to abandon the game. In a statement, the SG Freiamt-Ottoschwanden team has now clearly distanced itself from the “misconduct of an individual who must be condemned in the strongest possible terms” from the public and the underlying ideas and has apologized to SC Reute for this. This behavior has nothing to do with the basic attitude of the team and the identity of the club. The judgment chamber of the Freiburg football district has made a decision on the abandonment of the game.

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