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Seville’s Tussam Transport Company Achieves Record-Breaking 77.5 Million Passengers in 2023 Due to New Services and Bonuses

Transport bonuses and new services have helped Seville’s urban transport company (Tussam), which manages buses and trams, close last year with 77.5 million passengers, which is almost 11 million more (10,931,452) than the 66.5 million registered in 2022.

Between the New services What has made Tussam gain travelers are the shuttles to the City of Justice, and to the Sevilla and Betis matches, as well as the extension of line 2 to La Cartuja. As regards the bonuses, these have translated into discounts of 50% on the bus passes that are maintained this year. The bus pass with transfer costs 38 cents, and the bus pass without transfer costs 35 cents. In addition, the monthly student card costs 9.50 euros.

The total cost of this bonus is divided between the Seville City Council and the Central Government. The City Council will contribute approximately 20% of the total (about 7 million euros), while MITMA will contribute the remaining 30%..

The coronavirus pandemic marked a turning point by causing the number of passengers to fall by half, to 44.4 million. The gradual recovery of normality has been taking hold and has encouraged travelers to get back on the bus and tram. Since 2021, the balance has been growing with 53.58 million users that year and 66.5 million in 2022.

The data is still far from the 94.8 million passengers that the company had in 1995, during the mandate of Soledad Becerril (PP), numbers that are explained by the fact that there was no other alternative transportation other than the bus. Three decades ago, today’s varied options did not still work: Metro line 1, the tram, electric scooters, electric bikes and electric motorcycles for rent, or Sevici.

Ten years later, in 2005, the number of travelers fell to 88.9 million. And it has been reduced year after year to 77.9 million in 2013. In the following four years it managed to remain at 79 million, and before the pandemic it rose to 83.3 million.

The lines with the most demand

By lines, line 2 (Puerta de Triana – Barqueta – Polígono San Pablo – C. Sanitaria – Heliópolis) has been the one with the highest demand with 7.94 million passengers transported.

Second place is occupied by line 27 (Seville East – Plaza del Duque) with 4.53 million.

Third place goes to line 13 (Pino Montano – Plaza del Duque) with 3.55 million.

And the fourth for line 3 (Bellavista – San Jerónimo – Pino Montano) with 3.54 million.

Some of these lines are the ones with the greatest increases in passengers, in absolute values, compared to the year 2022. This is the case of line 2, which increases its demand by 1,648,620 passengers (26.2%), line 27 with a increase of 814,059 passengers (21.9%) and line 3 with 769,342 passengers (27.8). They are followed by lines 1 with 511,446 passengers (19.9%) and line 6 with 455,175 passengers (16.6%).

In percentage terms, line 43 (Triana – San Pablo) also stands out with 33.3% and the night lines with 28.6%.

Punctuality of 84%

During the past year 2023, the Seville Urban Transport company (Tussam) has carried out 2.53 million expeditions with a total of 19.66 million kilometers traveled, which is 2.2% more than the previous year. Lost turns due to all concepts (traffic, breakdowns, etc.) have been reduced by 5.3%, representing only 0.5% of those planned, which has contributed to maintaining punctuality and regularity levels of 84%. and 88% respectively.

The bus pass reigns among travel titles

Regarding the use of travel tickets, the most used during 2023 has been the bonobús without transfer With 24.46% of users, it is one point higher than last year. Next is the bus pass with transfer, chosen by 18.9% of users, between first cancellation and transfer; the consortium card with 13.7%, a percentage higher than 3 points compared to last year, and the senior citizen card with 12.6%.

The one-way ticket continues to lose followers: it is used by 7.8% of users, almost two points less than in 2022. The student card has 7.17% use; the 30-day pass at 6.17% and the solidarity bus pass at 5.7%.

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