Severe accident closed the road Ruse – Silistra, there are victims and injured (VIDEO + PHOTOS) – Incidents – Bulgaria – NOVA News

Medical teams check the ditches for more wounded

One died and four were seriously injured in an accident on the road Ruse – Silistra after Slivo Pole. A minibus and a car collided, the NOVA correspondent in Ruse announced. A report of the accident was filed tonight at 9:06 p.m. Three ambulances responded and went to the scene of the accident. The victims were taken to one of the hospitals in Ruse. Another wounded man is wanted in the bushes by the road.

Two children and their father died in a serious accident in Aytos (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

According to initial information, the accident happened about 2 km before the fork for the village of Babovo, police said. Police and fire brigades, as well as CSMPs, are working at the scene.

The accident closed the road in both directions, the Road Infrastructure Agency reported. The traffic is carried out on a bypass route Ruse – Slivo Pole – Ryahovo – Babovo – Silistra and vice versa. The traffic is regulated by the Traffic Police.

Photo: Natalia Yordanova, NOVA

An inspection of the scene of the accident by an on-duty operative group and clarification of the causes and circumstances that led to the accident is forthcoming.


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