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Setting up Instagram Direct for Shopify Inbox Shopify Help Center

This page was printed on Apr 20, 2022. To access the current version, please visit https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/inbox/integrations/instagram-direct.

The Instagram Direct feature in the Facebook channel allows you to connect Instagram to Shopify Inbox. After you enable the Instagram Direct feature in the Facebook channel, you can send and receive Instagram messages with Shopify Inbox. Before adding Instagram Direct, make sure you have a Facebook Business Page.

Instagram Direct

You can add Instagram Direct from the page Resume from the Facebook channel at any time. If Facebook Shop, Instagram Shopping, or Facebook Marketing is already set up on your store’s Facebook channel, some steps may have already been completed.

Before adding Instagram Direct to the Facebook channel, make sure you have set up the Facebook channel and your Instagram account has been set up as professional account.

Add Instagram to Facebook channel

You can see Instagram direct messages, story replies, and story mentions in your Inbox dashboard. This allows you to use Shopify Inbox to reply with text, images, product links, or discount codes.


  1. From the Shopify admin, click Facebook.
  2. click on start configuration para Instagram Direct y Shopify Inbox.
  3. Complete the necessary steps to connect your Instagram account with your Facebook Messenger sales channel. Some of these steps may have already been completed, for example if you already use Facebook as a sales channel.
  4. click on To connect to connect the Instagram account you want to use.
  5. click on finalize.
  6. Open Shopify Inbox to confirm that you’ve completed the Instagram Direct setup.

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