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Sergio Perez’s Salary at Risk as Red Bull Considers Pay Cut

Sergio Perez came back with second place in the Spa Grand Prix. However, that might not have been enough to fix his salary.

As the Dutch “Telegraaf” wrote on Saturday, the Mexican, who has won two races this season, has a clause in his contract with Red Bull that allows the team to reduce his salary if the 33-year-old performs poorly.

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Specifically, it’s about the points difference to double world champion Max Verstappen. Should this exceed the mark of 125 points, the bulls can therefore cut back on Perez’s salary, which is currently said to be ten million dollars (currently 9.07 million euros).

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Salary cut due to point gap?

Verstappen, who clinched his tenth win of the season at Spa, the eighth in a row, put exactly 125 points between himself and Perez. That’s the equivalent of five Grand Prix victories without counting the extra point for the fastest lap. The Mexican is threatened with a significantly reduced salary for the rest of the year.

In any case, the contract period is not affected. That remains until the end of 2024. So there is nothing to shake about Perez’ Red Bull cockpit for the coming season. That could change, however, if the 33-year-old doesn’t fulfill the Bulls’ declared goal of becoming runner-up in addition to the world title.

Perez won two of the first four races of the season with double world champion Verstappen breathing down his neck. Since then, however, the Dutchman has won every Grand Prix, while Perez faltered, missing the podium in Monaco, Spain, Canada and Silverstone. With third place in Hungary and second place in Belgium, Perez is now back. At the same time, Daniel Ricciardo, who is ending the season for Alpha Tauri, could position himself for a cockpit swap.

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