September broke records. It was the warmest in the history of measurement worldwide

Researchers say high temperatures this year, which are spreading the long-term warming trend caused by, among other things, heat-trapping gas emissions, have played a major role in various disasters – from fires in California and the Russian Arctic to floods in Asia. In addition, temperatures in the Siberian region continued to rise above normal, causing increased ice melting.

Globally, this September was 0.05 degrees Celsius warmer than the same month last year and 0.08 ° C warmer than in 2016, data from the C3S program showed. Until this year, September 2016 and 2019 were the hottest in history.

Europe as a whole has now also experienced its warmest September, CNN said, with average temperatures up to 0.2 ° C higher than two years ago, a previous record.

And what was September like in the Czech Republic in this respect? “The Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (CHMI) will have accurate and final data calculated perhaps by the end of the week. We do not have all the data from meteorological stations, however, according to preliminary calculations, September this year was above average (normal year 1981-2010 is 12.8 ° C), precipitation average (normal year 1981-2010 is 58 mm), “Dagmar told Novinka Honsová from Meteopress.

“The length of sunshine was also above average,” the meteorologist added, adding that the sun shines for an average of 153 hours in September.

The warmest year in history?

Climatic events, such as the La Niña phenomenon, will take place during the last three months of this year, and low levels of autumn Arctic sea ice thickness are also expected.

All of this will affect whether 2020 as a whole becomes the warmest in history, Reuters quoted European experts as saying.

There is a set of climatic events collectively referred to as the El Niño / Southern Oscillations. It is a natural climate pendulum that diverts temperatures in the tropical Pacific to either cold (The girl) or hot phases (El Niño). Specifically, it is a phenomenon The girl characterized by the intensification of trade winds and the consequent intensification of the cold Peruvian current, which brings cold waters to the equatorial regions. The conditions for its formation lead, for example, to a more active formation of hurricanes.
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