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Seoul Metropolitan Police Commissioner charged with negligence in Itaewon tragedy 2022

Seoul Metropolitan Police Commissioner He was charged with negligence and neglect of duty. The case of the Itaewon Bloody Halloween Tragedy in 2022

On Jan. 19, the Prosecutor’s Office charged Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency (SMPA) Commissioner Kim Kwang-ho with dereliction of duty for his mishandling of the Itaewon tragedy during the 2022 Halloween festival.

The incident took place on Oct. 29, 2022, when more than 100,000 tourists gathered in the Itaewon area of ​​Seoul. To celebrate Halloween and there was crowding and trampling on each other Until the end, there were 159 deaths.

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Kim is the highest-ranking police officer charged in connection with the Itaewon tragedy. After this, there may be a decision to remove him from his current position as well.

Relatives of some of the victims expressed their delight at the charges. But he said it should have happened sooner. and called on the Seoul Metropolitan Police Commissioner to immediately resign from his position.

The filing of charges against Kim Kwang-ho comes a year and three months after the tragedy, while several other officials had previously been charged by the Seoul Western District Prosecutor’s Office, such as Commander of Yongsan Police Station Head of Yongsan District Office and other officials

Kim Kwang-Oh was charged because a preliminary investigation found that on the day of the incident, police were not deployed to adequately prepare to deal with security risks. Additionally, it was previously reported that The police responded quite slowly after the incident as well.

Some tourists have noticed since the evening. Several hours before the incident, it was learned that at one point, an alley less than 4 meters wide leading to clubs and bars had begun to become congested. Therefore, he called the police to send forces to help manage and control the congestion. But no police came.

As specified by the official It was discovered that only 137 officers were deployed to the Itaewon area that night. which is significantly less than the number of tourists

In addition, the investigation also found that There are no precautionary measures. and no appropriate measures were taken after receiving an emergency call asking for help, because at 10:00 p.m. there were reports that there had already been deaths. But it took police more than half an hour to arrive at the scene.

Investigators also said that Incorrect assessment of the situation Resulting in a delay in the transmission of information. and lack of cooperation between various agencies

A group representing the families of those killed in the Itaewon incident said, “Kim Kwang-ho is fully aware of the danger to the public. And for some reason that can’t be explained They neglected to take care of the scene of the Itaewon tragedy.”

They added that “Kim must be held accountable for his dereliction of duty. without using his authority appropriately in sending the police to take care of him” and called on him “Punished harshly”

Compiled from BBC / Yonhap

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