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Senior Chinese Official’s Infidelity Scandal with 6 Women | Ha Trach City, China


Infidelity is one of the factors destroying a household. Recently, the case of an official’s extramarital affair in the city of Ha Trach, Shandong province, China, became a hot topic of discussion in cyberspace.

According to eva.vn, on January 31 2024 it was reported that Duong Vi, who is an officer of the Ha Trach City Discipline Inspection and Supervision Committee, had cheated on his wife. Not only with 1 woman, Duong Vi was having affairs with 6 women at once.

What’s even sadder is that when the affair took place, his wife was pregnant. After the wife found out about her husband’s affair, she immediately uploaded all the evidence of conversations between her husband and his 6 mistresses on social media.


According to Sohu News, Duong Vi herself has a quite promising career. He is a graduate of Renmin University of China. At just 27 years old, Duong Vi has served as a senior officer in the Ha Trach City Discipline Inspection and Supervision Committee. Duong Vi also always does her job well.

Duong Vi’s wife herself is very proud of her husband. The wife also really believes in her husband. She never expected that all this time her husband had 6 other dream women.

The wife only started to realize that something was wrong with her husband 2 months after giving birth. Suspicious, the wife secretly checked her husband’s cellphone. Unexpectedly, he discovered a surprising secret.

Apparently Duong Vi was having an affair with 6 women at once while his wife was pregnant. Duong Vi used 2 different social media accounts to cover up her affair.

The first account, whose real name is Duong Vi, is used to communicate with siblings, friends and relatives. Meanwhile, both accounts were used to cheat and tease women.

Not only did they communicate via chat, Duong Vi and his 6 mistresses apparently also had sex. In fact, he still maintained his relationship with his 6 mistresses until after his wife gave birth.

Some information says that Duong Vi’s wife also has a beautiful appearance. However, it turns out that this can’t make Duong Vi loyal and not have an affair.

Unfortunately, it is not explained further what happened to Duong Vi’s household. Do the two of them choose to stay together or divorce? However, what is clear is that not a few netizens criticized Duong Vi’s actions.

“Adultery is unacceptable, especially a pregnant wife, no matter how many words you say, it cannot be forgiven,” commented one netizen.

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