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Senator Emilio Alvarez Joins National Civic Front Call to March for Democracy on February 18

Senator Emilio Alvarez Hunts Longoria joined the call of the National Civic Front to march on February 18 in defense of the democracy.

“Citizenship is the vaccine against the would-be dictator. And we go again on February 18 at Plinth and to the streets and squares of the entire country in the citizen defense of democracy,” the senator wrote on social networks.

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Emilio Alvarez asked citizens to defeat the plans of the official party led by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador and assured that the choice is between democracy and dictatorship.

The senator’s statements come after Guadalupe Acosta Naranjoleader of the National Civic Front, said in the TeneBrozo program of Latin that citizens are the main actor in the defense of democracy.

“We are going to be stubborn on February 18 to show him that ‘pure mother’ can control the people of Mexico,” he said. Guadalupe Acosta about President López Obrador during his participation in the program.

I also assure that the great marches recent ones are for the demand to defend the democracy.

“The great marches of November 13 and February 26 (last year) were for the democracy and that gives me hope that it is false that nothing has happened in recent decades in Mexico, citizenship was created, the history of Mexico “It has lived through difficult times and the country’s massive intelligence has always saved the country,” he noted.

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Likewise, he pointed out that the president has distanced himself from the people, since he has responded to the citizens’ demonstrations with marches of the power in which it carries.

On January 16, civil organizations called to participate on February 18 in the “March for our democracy”, which will have the former president of the National Electoral Institute as its sole speaker (INE), Lorenzo Cordova.

On social networks, the United to Improve organization He detailed that the march will take place in different cities in the country.

In the case of the Mexico Citythe mobilization will begin at 10:00 in the morning at the Monument to the Revolution, from there they will leave for the capital’s Zócalo, where Córdova will have his participation.

The march is called by the following organizations: Marea Rosa, We continue on the march, National Civic Front, Yes for Mexico, Civil Society for Mexico, UNE and United for Mexico.

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