Selected Huawei, Samsung and Apple smartwatches, up to 48% off

Today, it is not a connected watch but three which are in reduction, signed Apple, Huawei and Samsung. Good plans noted on August 6 at 3 p.m., at the time of writing these lines.

Good deals are linked with the summer sales! Recently, it’s a Samsung gaming screen which posted a big discount, still valid today. Without forgetting the discount on the OnePlus 8, one of the best high-end on the market. And today, we are interested in a new good plan for connected watches. Connected watches from Apple, Huawei and Samsung, and for all budgets. Because you will find here different models, with several prices, and opposing aesthetics. You can only find your happiness! Without forgetting that, these good plans come from Rakuten and that you can therefore take advantage of promotional codes at this address.

Apple Watch Series 5


Apple Watch Series 5

368,43 €

Let’s start with the high-end model, stamped Apple, and the number one in the market. The fifth generation Apple Watch is now down 23% for a price of 368.43 euros, compared to 478.96 euros usually. A watch with a sleek Apple aesthetic and offering a health orientation with its ultra sharp heart sensor.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 46 mm


Galaxy Watch 46 mm

171,46 €

Galaxy Watch 46 mm

Next comes the Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm at a price of 171.46 euros, against 329 euros usually, a decrease of 47%. We start here on a model with a sporty look, much closer to the traditional watch. Not to mention its low price, compared to the Apple Watch range, which is a rather convincing argument. Note that a heart sensor is also present!

Huawei Watch GT 2 46mm


Watch GT 2 46mm

135,88 €

Watch GT 2 46mm

And finally, the least expensive of the connected watches with a nice drop of 40% for a price of 135.88 euros. Usually the Huawei Watch GT 2 is 229 euros. Like the connected watch from Samsung, we start here on a sporty-looking model, always with a heart sensor present, an essential element. Without doubt the best connected watch for reduced budgets with its excellent quality / price ratio.

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