Screenwriter Alexei Kolmogorov Mistaken for Vladimir Ilyin at Film Festivals

Maria Bredikhina

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Ivan Yankovsky

The famous screenwriter Alexei Kolmogorov (“Head of Intelligence”, “Hurry to Love”, “Anna Detective” and others) is mistaken for actor Vladimir Ilyin at film festivals. That’s how similar they are.

Now Kolmogorov goes to the screenings with a new mini-series by Natalia Nazarova “You Can’t Cry.” It was he who wrote a sentimental story about a Russian emigrant in Scandinavia, whose son is being taken away by social services. A police officer, a native of Russia, played by Ivan Yankovsky, helps her find and return the child. The screenwriter spoke categorically against his candidacy.

Alexey Alekseevich Kolmogorov

“Yankovsky is absolutely not suitable for this role,” Kolmogorov shared with Express Gazeta. – I was outraged by his appointment. I expressed everything I think to the producer and director of the film, Natalya Nazarova. Ivan is a good artist, a well-deserved star, but not for this role. It’s not even that he is too handsome for my hero – a sort of Alain Delon in his youth – but in general, not close to the one in question

Nazarova insisted that a media artist was needed for the film’s box office.

Photo source: Personal archive,© AGN Moscow

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