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Screen stars also participated in the pool tournament held in Alytus

Last weekend in Alytus, after a break of several years, a pool tournament was held again, attracting participants from all over Lithuania and even stars seen on the screen. The charity competition also attracted the attention of spectators – from early morning to late evening, watchers of how experienced pool players compete, Vilniaus st. there was no shortage in the billiards club located there.

“We are all happy because we received great feedback that the tournament was well organized and interesting. There was no shortage of viewers both live and remotely. We will definitely do it again,” Tomas Verbickas, president of the Alytus billiards club “Club 9”, said after the event.

As many as 214 games of Pool 8, the most popular pool game in the world, were played during the tournament.

A total of 25 athletes from 13 years old to experienced seniors competed. Players flocked to the capital of Dzūkija from all over Lithuania – Vilnius, Kaunas, Rumšiškii, Šakii and even Kretinga. At the pool table, a face familiar to many from TV screens also joined the competition – the actor Marijus Trapulionis, who plays Kristupas in the series “Rimti laklaiai”, competed.

The youngest participant of the tournament, thirteen-year-old Đžuolas Tadaravičius, who won 23 victories and lost only four times, won the first place of the tournament. The second place went to Saulis Tumosas from Alytis, a member of “Club 9”, and the third place went to Gintars Petrovas.

“I want to congratulate the club on a very successful event. Alytus has a great, cozy place with a very friendly community. You just need to talk about it more loudly, invite beginners to classes and spread the word. That’s what I wish”, the participants shared their feedback after the tournament.

The competition was also watched by official representatives: the president of the Lithuanian Pool Federation Gintaras Petrovas, the president of the Lithuanian Women’s Pool League Agnė Jarušauskaitė and representatives of the autism support fund “Embassy of Change”. It is for this organization that 800 euros were collected during the charity pool tournament, which will be used to organize activities for children with autism spectrum disorders.

The organizers also thank the partners of the event: Alytus City Municipality, Lithuanian Pool Federation and sponsoring companies “100 Travels”, “Bambuko Groundys”, “Tringala”, “Alytus BOSCH car service”, SDG, FitLine products, “Polilogo”, “Scandun”, For Inga Stan Design Studio, J&M leisure wear, maratonshop.lt, degutytė.lt.

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