Scotland – Czechia I consult with Jarda about everything, admits Assistant Smart, FAČR

“His absence is understandably unpleasant for us, because he is a manager, head coach and the most important personality in the entire implementation team. But we will have to deal with it and jump behind Jarda, “said Jiří Chytrý, an old companion of the club team and now also for the national team Jiří Chytrý, that now the weight for the performance and the result in Hampden Park will lie on him.

“Nothing will change at all, because we have everything prepared and consulted in advance. After Jard’s forced departure, we are still in contact, we discuss every detail and we will of course continue to talk and advise on everything together, “admitted the assistant promoted to Šilhavý’s forced absence to the role of head coach.

Coach Jaroslav Šilhavý and assistant Jiří Chytrý during the League of Nations match.

Vlastimil Vacek, Right

For the national team coach, as well as for the universal from Prague’s Slavia, Tomáš Holeš, after returning from Israel on Monday, the tests for covid sounded positive, so they both had to quarantine.

Šilhavý’s assistant chose a quartet that flies to Scotland with him. Who did he finally point to?

And because Antonín Barák, Bořek Dočkal and Adam Hložek are also in quarantine from the original nomination for the October matches, while the injured strikers Patrik Schick and Michael Krmenčík and the Pilsen trio Zdeněk Ondrášek, Jan Kopic and Lukáš Kalvach fell out of it despite the meeting. Smart than to add four other players to the staff after consulting with the head coach. Two midfielders and two attackers.

“We went out of posts where we lacked players. Sunday’s meeting in Israel was a complication at a time when we wanted to take turns or interfere in the development of the match, with which we intended to do something, “Chytrý explained the additional nomination of the four Sáček, Malínský, Rabušic and Poznar.

The national team in Israel shook at the end, but defended the victory

They had been available since Sunday’s meeting, which brought together footballers from league clubs in case the first national team could not fly to Glasgow. They all underwent coronavirus tests and then prepared with Coach Holoubek for a possible stand-by. In the end, however, only the aforementioned four went to the Islands.

“Despite all the complications and pitfalls we had to deal with in the previous days, I have a good impression of the team. The boys managed to fight what happened to us and they won the matches in Cyprus and Israel victoriously. They proved their character and mentality, which I hope we will confirm in Scotland as well, “Chytrý believes that the national team, which has been going on for over a year and will lose without loss.

On Wednesday evening, however, it will definitely not be easy for the Czech selection. “The Scots have a physically strong and tough team. In their game, certain elements and automatisms appear, which were evident in September in Olomouc, when our reserve unit had to play against them, as well as appeared in other matches, which we saw and analyzed in the video, “did not hide Chytrý that the island they thoroughly studied the opponent with coach Šilhavý.

“It will simply be a similar match to all the previous ones in our group. The teams are balanced, although each is a bit specific. So far, the winner of previous matches has always been decided by a single goal. I expect it to be similar in Glasgow. “

According to Jan Bořil, the national team in Scotland will also play infected players as head coach, FAČR



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