Scientists Reveal Mysterious Objects Crossing Papua New Guinea, What Is It? page all – A mysterious space object once crossed the sky Papua New Guinea in 2014, and led a number of scientists to identify it.

Now, scientists from US Space Command (USSC) stated that mysterious object it is outer rock or meteorite from other star systems.

In a recent memo released on April 6, 2022, the USSC confirmed a study by astronomers from Department of Astronomy from Harvard University, Amir Siraj and Abraham Loeb.

According to a 2019 study submitted in pre-printed journals arXivboth said the mysterious object was a small meteorite measuring 0.45 meters.

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meteorite presumed to be mysterious object crossing Papua New Guinea It crashed into Earth’s atmosphere on January 8, 2014, after hurtling through space at a speed of over 210,000 km/h.

This speed is known to far exceed the average speed of meteors orbiting inside Solar system.

“The speed of the small meteor and its orbital trajectory, 99 percent prove that the object originated far beyond our Solar System, possibly from the interior of a planetary system or a star in the disk of the Milky Way galaxy,” the researchers wrote. Science AlertTuesday (12/4/2022).

However, the 2014 study of the mysterious object’s appearance in Papua New Guinea was never peer reviewed or published in a scientific journal.

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This is because some of the data needed to verify their calculations are considered part of the United States government report.

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Finally, USSC scientists officially confirmed the team’s findings, regarding a mysterious object in the sky of Papua New Guinea. The deputy commander of the USSC, Lieutenant General John E. Shaw, said the 2019 study conducted by Siraj and Loeb was accurate enough to be validated.

“This confirmation makes the 2014 meteor (which hit Earth’s atmosphere) as the first interstellar object ever detected in our Solar System,” Shaw said.

After the discovery of a meteor called Oumuamua, the two astronomers used historical data from Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS) NASA, to prove that small meteors can also come from outside the Solar System, and then hit Earth.

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Siraj also said that he still wants to publish the original study that was written, in the scientific community. Thus, the scientists involved can continue the incomplete details of the research.

Because the meteorite burned over the South Pacific Ocean, he said, there is a possibility that the fragments of the object landed in the water and have been on the seabed ever since.

Therefore, he began to consult with several experts in his field to be able to find the remains of a meteorite explosion.

“The possibility of obtaining the first pieces of interstellar material is interesting enough to examine it very closely, as well as to consult with all the world’s experts on ocean expeditions to recover meteorites,” he said.

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