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Amazfit T-Rex Ultra and Falcon Smart Watch Updates: New Features and Improvements

This topic was written by Sultan Al-Qahtani – Amazfit has launched updates to its T-Rex Ultra and Falcon smart watches. It appears that the new system is identical for the two versions, as users confirmed that the T-Rex Ultra update is titled version and has a size of 18.10 MB.

New features with the latest update include Zepp Coach running plans, with data such as completion rate and confidence level available via the Zepp app.

Amazfit notes that users must terminate any active plans for Zepp Coach Basic AI to enable the new operating plan.

Two activities have been added to allow you to track Pickleball and Padel drills, and can be found under Workout > More Drills > Ball Drills.

The system also includes several improvements, such as adding real-time performance data to the data page and running distance data displayed in meters or yards.

For strength training, you can now adjust weight settings in 0.5 increments to track lifts more accurately. Your personal best records are displayed by type for running, climbing, and swimming.

Additionally, when using a time-tracked or interval training template, any vibration or sound alerts are played in the last five seconds of the clip.

If you own an Amazfit T-Rex Ultra or Falcon watch, you can install this update via the Zepp app by going to Profile > Select your model name > Check for updates.

It appears that the new system will be rolled out gradually, so it may not be available on all watches yet.


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