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Here is a fantastic adventure that will conquer fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson! Find our exclusive interview with the author, AF, as well as an excerpt from the book at the end of the article.

Subscriber cover of Calling the Stars.cover of Calling the Stars.

Parallel Chronicles

299,792,458 m/s. This value represents both the speed of light in vacuum and the theoretical limit that can be reached by any body with mass. However, no need to match it to achieve miracles…

Subscriber IllustrationIllustration

Brain and Intelligence

Never had the theories of relativity taken on such an intimate significance. According to Denis Le Bihan, physicist and neuroscientist of international renown, they work within our brain, giving it a real “relativistic space-time”! A dizzying read, at the frontiers of Einstein’s physics and modern neuroscience.


For Sébastien Bohler, neurobiologist keen on psychology and journalist, humanity has become the most dangerous species on the planet. It is therefore time to install him comfortably on a couch for a psychiatric consultation. The diagnosis is black… but it allows us to outline some treatment options!

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