Schlager: What torments Florian Silbereisen? Fans are concerned – and confront the moderator

What’s going on at Florian Silbereisen? In a recently published video, the 39-year-old pop singer looks unusually depressed. His fans are worried – and react!

Passau – In its shows studded with star guests (These are the biggest hit shows on German television*) shows moderator Florian Silbereisen* (39) always from its sunny side. The pop star and a bad mood – they just didn’t go together so far. Now the 39-year-old posted two Christmas videos on Instagram *, in which he looks remarkably sad. Of course, this has not escaped the fans – they ask!

Pop star Florian Silbereisen is actually always in a good mood – but in two short clips that he uploaded to Instagram at Christmas, the 39-year-old looks unusually depressed

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Schlager: Florian Silbereisen looks tired and exhausted – his 2020 was a show of strength

That he with his Christmas greetings for so much to talk about Florian Silbereisen would probably never have thought. But in the two videos that the pop star shared punctually on Christmas Eve, he does a very thoughtful, almost sad impression – and that despite the fact that, in keeping with tradition, he performs the contemplative Christmas carol “Silent Night, Holy Night”. Or is it perhaps precisely because of that?

The fact is: Florian Silbereisen looks tired and exhausted in the video, almost as if his otherwise characteristic, irrepressible vigor has been lost. The eventful year also appears on the pop star not without a trace to have passed by: The 39-year-old published together with Pop* -Size Thomas Anders (57) had his own album, once more hosted a number of hit shows and also stood for “The dream ship* “Again in front of the camera – a busy year!

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Schlager: Fans worried about Florian Silbereisen – the pop star looks unusually depressed

The fans also noticed that Florian Silbereisen looks different. On Instagram, they confront the pop star: “Florian, you look sad”, says one user – other followers agree immediately. “I also think that he looks like he’s not feeling well,” writes one fan. In particular, the 39-year-old’s physical condition seems to be cause for concern. One user even recommends the popular TV presenter he should “gain 10 kilos” – that suits him better.

How justified the concern about the well-known pop star (The greatest German pop singer of all time*) is real, is written in the stars. Maybe even a Florian Silbereisen sometimes just has it a really bad day – even if it falls on Christmas of all things. However, the fact remains interesting that in December 2018 the separation between him and Schlager-Queen Helene Fischer* (36) become public (Marital war, heartbreak and divorce: love broke with these pop stars*). Whether the 39-year-old is lost in thought Memories of the Christmas season together indulges?

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List of rubric lists: © Screenshot / Instagram / Florian Silbereisen & Jan Woitas / Felix Kästle / Julian Stratenschulte / dpa / picture alliance

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