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Schalke 04 Faces 1. FC Köln in U19 DFB Cup Final with Keke Topp Leading the Charge

Schalke 04 meets 1. FC Köln with Keke Topp in the U19 DFB Cup final.

© Tim Rehbein/RHR photo – Montage: RUHR24

FC Schalke 04 meets 1. FC Köln with their U19s in the DFB Cup final. All information about the final in the S04 live ticker from RUHR24.

Formation FC Schalke 04: Yusufu – Anubodem, Bulut, Lanfer, Barthel – Hansen – Gyamfi, Hadzha, Meisel –Tonye, ​​Topp
Line-up 1. FC Cologne: Blazic-Wagner, Monning, Bakatukanda, Toure – Kujovic, Finkgräfe, Simnica – Diehl, Downs, Wäschenbach

Kicking off: Sunday (April 30), 11 a.m
Score: 1:2
Tore: 0: 1 Wäschenbach (32nd minute), 0: 2 Gyamfi (35th minute), 1: 2 (Barthel)
Sending off:
Particular incidents:
Referee: Kristijan Rajkovski (Remscheid)

41. Minute: GOOOAAAL for Schalke! After a corner from the right, Barthel is completely free at the second post and confidently puts the ball past Blazic.

40. Minute: Free kick for Cologne from the right half field. Schalke can clear, but Cologne have possession and let the ball run. Yusufu picks down a cross safely.

37. Minute: How will Schalke react to the brace? S04 played well up to 0:1, now the Royal Blues have to fight their way back into the game. Of course, the people of Cologne have smelled a rat and throw themselves into every duel.

35. Minute: TOR for Cologne! Schalke does not get the ball cleared and Gyamfi puts the ball centrally in front of Downs’ feet. He doesn’t need to be asked twice and puts the ball in the bottom right corner of the box. Yusufu has no chance.

U19 DFB Cup final: Cologne takes the lead with a dream goal

33. Minute: TOR for Cologne! A cross from Wäschenbach from the right gets longer and longer and descends over Yusufu into the goal.

32. Minute: Corner for Cologne. Schalke hits the ball out first.

31. Minute: Cologne can clarify, Schalke cautiously demands a return. But Rajkovski correctly lets play on.

30. Minute: Gyamfi is fouled, free-kick for Schalke from the left.

29. Minute: Cologne keeps trying to send Justin Diehl after winning the ball. The Schalke defense has always intervened.

26. Minute: Meisel asserts himself on the right and moves into the penalty area. The Cologne defender can snitch the ball off his foot and Blazic has the ball safely. Schalke is injured in the action and needs to be treated briefly. But it goes on for him.

24. Minute: Yusufu punches the ball away and lies dazed on the floor for a moment. He collided with a teammate. But it goes on.

23. Minute: Good free-kick position for Cologne from the left half-field.

22. Minute: Koln want to answer directly, but Bakatukanda is ruled offside.

21. Minute: Lanfer again! He is sent into the penalty area from the left, but shoots too centrally at the Cologne goalkeeper.

19. Minute: slat cracker! Erik Lanfer bangs the ball from a central position on the Cologne crossbar.

17. Minute: The Schalke fans set the mood. So far nothing has been heard from the Cologne fans.

U19 DFB Cup final: Schalke puts Cologne under pressure early on, Schalke hits the crossbar

15. Minute: After an eventful initial phase, the game has calmed down a bit. The Cologne team is slowly finding their way into the game and can sometimes claim longer phases of possession.

13. Minute: Schalke manages to constrict Cologne in their own half and puts enormous pressure on the build-up game. The few Cologne advances have not been a problem for the Schalke back team so far.

11. Minute: Yellow card for Wagner from Cologne. Good free-kick position for Schalke from the left half-field. Cologne can clarify.

10. Minute: First corner for Cologne, Schalke can clarify. A cross from Wäschenbach is no problem for Yusufu afterwards.

9. Minute: Hadzha goes into a rustic duel and gets a few warning words from the referee.

8. Minute: Long Schalke throw-in from the left, but the subsequent shot on goal is blocked.

6. Minute: Cologne wants to send Justin Diehl after Schalke lost the ball. However, the striker is offside.

5. Minute: Schalke go down very early, put Cologne under a lot of pressure and keep forcing them to make mistakes.

3. Minute: First half chance for Schalke! Keke Topp is served centrally and folds a defender. Before he can finish, there is still a man from Cologne in between.

1. Minute: First foul on a man from Cologne in midfield. Schalke wants to set an example and is aggressive.

11 a.m.: Kick-off in Potsdam: Schalke plays from left to right.

10:57 am: The teams are on the pitch. The national anthem is sung. Between three and four thousand spectators are probably there today.

10:53 am: The sun is shining brightly in Potsdam. The teams are already in the cabin. The national anthem is played just before kick-off.

10:51 am: Schalke legend and U19 coach Norbert Elgert is also excited about the game. Even if he has already experienced a lot, today’s DFB Cup final against Cologne is “something very special”. He doesn’t have to motivate anyone today.

10:48 am: Schalke coach Thomas Reis also wishes his young talents every success for today’s game. On the other side, Yannick Gerhardt, the last goal scorer for Effzeh, sent the Cologne team another video message for today’s game.

10.45 a.m.: The Cologne juniors last won the coveted DFB Cup exactly ten years ago. At that time they won 1-0 against 1. FC Kaiserslautern. Cologne’s coach Meikel Schönweitz expects “certainly a high-class game” today, after all, “the second and third place teams in the western squadron will face each other”.

10:42 a.m.: He also taught his opponents to fear in the U19 DFB Cup. In four games he netted five times. The Cologne back team should therefore be warned.

10:38 am: The royal blue cup hopes are today in particular with Schalke youngster Biscuit Topp. The 19-year-old scored 12 goals in 15 games in the past U19 Bundesliga season. There are also 2 assists.

10:34 am: The defending champion is VfB Stuttgart, who, after a two-year break from Corona, beat the Borussia Dortmund youth team 3-1 last year. However, the Swabians were eliminated in the quarter-finals this year. The opponent back then: Schalke 04. Norbert Elgert’s boys won 1-0 after extra time.

Update, Sunday (April 30), 10:30 a.m.: Good luck in the round! Today the U19 DFB Cup final between Schalke 04 and 1. FC Köln takes place. The whistle is at 11 a.m. in the Karl Liebknecht Stadium in Potsdam.

>>> Update live ticker <<

Schalke-U19 against Cologne in the live ticker: the preliminary report on the DFB Cup final

+++ Hello and welcome to the live ticker of the DFB Cup final for the U19 juniors between FC Schalke 04 and 1. FC Köln. The game kicks off on Sunday (April 30) at 11 a.m. at the Karl Liebknecht Stadium in Potsdam. +++

Gelsenkirchen – Will FC Schalke 04, headed by coach Norbert Elgert, be crowned winners of the U19 DFB Cup for the third time in the club’s history? The “Knappen” have been in the final of the cup competition five times since 1993 and emerged victorious twice. Now follows the sixth participation in the final.

Schalke U19s against Cologne in the DFB Cup final: 1. FC won the league game

The opponent is 1. FC Köln, who defeated the Royal Blues 1-0 in the U19 Bundesliga West in October. In the table, the Rhinelanders ended up in second place, one place ahead of the S04.

The Schalke U19s are coached by Norbert Elgert.

© Tim Rehbein/RHR-PHOTO

In the semi-finals for the German championship, however, Cologne lost to the eventual German champions, Mainz 05, who won 4-2 after extra time against BVB-U19.

Schalke U19s in the final against Cologne: With Bundesliga experience to win the cup

There are some exciting players on both sides, at FC Schalke 04 and at 1. FC Köln. Keke Topp, for example, has already had a taste of professional life with the S04, he was last substituted on when the “Knappen” lost 2-0 in the Bundesliga game in Hoffenheim. He was also allowed to play for the royal blue professionals in the second division game in Hamburg against St. Pauli on December 4, 2021.

Justin Diehl has already played twice in the senior Bundesliga for Cologne this season. Just like Keke Topp, he has already scored five goals in the current cup competition.

In the end, who will be crowned the DFB Cup winner and maybe also the top scorer of the competition? Everything about the game can be found here in the S04 live ticker from RUHR24.

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