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Scandal during the Wisła Kraków match

Wisła Kraków and Motor Lublin are teams from the top of the Fortuna I league table that count in the play-offs for the PKO Ekstraklasa. For this reason, their match on Sunday promised to be interesting.

There was also plenty of emotion in the stands. Wisła fans presented a distasteful, even embarrassing display. There was a masked figure with a white star chasing Koziołek Matołek with an ax in his hand.

The goat is, of course, the symbol of Lublin. It was included in the coat of arms of this city. In the frame of Wisła fans, he appears in the colors of the Lublin club, which is why he attacks Motor fans. They boycotted Sunday’s meeting and did not appear in Krakow.

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The outrage of the “White Star” fans caused a storm on social media. Internet users pointed out that it did not improve the opinion of Krakow fans. “An embarrassing setting, really embarrassing. Especially when you try to calm down the mood around the fans. Total crap,” wrote Sebastian Janus from Goal.pl.

“And why such a setting? What is its purpose? So that we cry (rightly so) for a year that everyone calls us knife fighters, and then a setting with an ax? A similar level of setting to what Cracovia recently did. We don’t help each other, it’s a bad time for such drawings “- added Wiktoria Monczak, a photographer at PKO Ekstraklasa matches.

Journalist Przemysław Langier expressed a similar tone. “And another example from the other side of Błonia. Some people make a frame with a severed head, others something like that. Does anyone really think it’s cool? Funny? It’s good that I’m not an idiot,” he wrote on the X platform.

When writing about the frame with a severed head, the editor of the Goal.pl portal had in mind the situation from the 25th round of PKO Ekstraklasa. Then, Cracovia fans presented a scandalous banner that was aimed at their biggest rivals (more here).

Meanwhile, on the pitch on Sunday afternoon, Motor won, beating Wisła 3:1 (more here). Thanks to this, the players from Lublin advanced to third place in the Fortuna I league table. Wisła Kraków is in seventh place, just outside the play-off zone.

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