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Created: 09/25/2022, 17:38

Von: Natalie Margaux Rahimi


Hardly anyone knows this energy saving trick. With a simple wheel you can set your windows in winter mode and save on heating costs.

Hamburg – The war in Ukraine has thrown Germany into an energy crisis. the gas is running out Electricity is becoming more expensive and now, as always, autumn and winter bring low temperatures and frosts. Time to turn on the heat. But that’s exactly what’s causing stomach pain for many consumers right now. Because the heating costs could be in many people Germany in financial trouble. This is one of the reasons why the interest in ingenious energy saving tricks is currently increasing enormously. And hardly anyone knows about it: put the windows in winter mode and save on heating costs. You can find out how it works here.

Winter mode on Windows? What’s behind the expert advice to save on heating costs

Ever heard of winter mode for Windows? You are definitely not alone in this. But it’s actually quite simple: when consumers talk about the so-called winter mode for windows, they actually mean adjusting the contact pressure on the windows. This can be re-adjusted using a thumbwheel on the window sash. Incorrect wheel adjustment will result in the windows not sealing properly.

Winter mode on Windows? What’s behind the expert advice to save on heating costs. © imago stock & people / imago

Thus too much noise from outside penetrates the living space, too much warm air makes its way into the living space in the summer or too cold draws into the house in the winter. The name winter mode is probably more common because you notice the cold air or “that there is draft” more in winter than in summer. In reality, it’s all about adjusting the windows correctly.

Should you heat at night?

If your windows are properly adjusted, you can’t save on heating. You shouldn’t do without heating even at night. Why: The apartment cools down so much that it takes a lot of energy to heat it up again. It is therefore better to turn the heat down at night, but leave it on at a low setting or in night mode (night setback).

Switch from Windows to winter mode: how you can save money with it

But how should the contact pressure adjustment wheel help save on heating costs? The weaker the contact pressure, the more air can enter from the outside. And the more cold air enters the living quarters, the more we need to heat. So if you feel your windows aren’t sealing well enough, it might be worth adjusting your windows or even putting them in what’s known as winter mode. This means nothing more than increasing the contact pressure so that less air can pass.

Set windows in winter mode: how to set windows in winter

Unfortunately, the contact pressure regulation mechanisms are not uniform. There are many different models. There are usually several settings on the wheels. How does the contact pressure setting work in principle?

Do the windows have a winter mode?

Strictly speaking, Windows doesn’t have winter mode. But the windows have a contact pressure that can be adjusted with a wheel on the window. Depending on how strong the contact pressure of the window is, less air enters from outside to inside. Since in winter we notice particularly quickly when there is a draft, the strongest contact pressure setting is also called winter mode for windows.

First, you need the right tool. Depending on the model, it can be a screwdriver (slotted or Phillips), an Allen key or a torx. Now all you have to do is find and adjust all the gears on your window. Note: Some windows not only have one setting wheel, but several spread across the window. In this case, all wheels need to be adjusted. Otherwise the pressure changes only at the single wheel, but not in the entire window.

When adjusting the contact pressure of the window, the following applies: if you turn the wheel inwards, the contact pressure increases – if you turn the wheel outwards, the contact pressure decreases. If you have changed the contact pressure, close the window and check if there is less air than before. An expert may also be in charge of adjusting the contact pressure. The specialist only needs a few minutes for the job.

Saving energy at home – everyone should know these tricks

However, winter mode on Windows isn’t the only trick you should know in the fall and winter of 2022 if you want to save energy. You should also know and turn off the unknown energy gobblers in the house. And speaking of switching off: there are appliances that should definitely be switched off at night, such as the microwave. And if your next statement contains any unpleasant surprises, it’s worth taking a closer look. Because there are billing errors where you don’t have to pay.

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