Saudi Arabia .. The “breastfeeding of the elderly” issue arouses controversy between the former director of the “Commission” in Mecca and tweeter

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) —The issue of “breastfeeding the elderly” has sparked controversy among Islamic preacher Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, former director general of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice in Mecca , Saudi Arabia and tweeter.

The matter began with a tweet from the owner of Musaed Al-Taweel’s account to the preacher Al-Ghamdi, in which he said, “Our Sheikh, what is the validity of breastfeeding the elderly?” To which Al-Ghamdi replied, “That’s true.”

Account holder Madi al-Madi enters the line saying, “There is no statement that this is a special case for Salem, the caretaker of Hudhayfah, and if it is for everyone, then how can the breastfeeding? ” Al-Ghamdi replied to him, saying, “I disagree with working with this hadith, including saying that it is specific to Salem, the keeper of Hudhayfah, and the answer to that.” That there is no evidence for the privacy statement, and Aisha took it and a group of lawyers said so.

An account holder named “Kasparov” asked for evidence of what Al-Ghamdi said, and the latter responded with a tweet in which he claimed: “The link of his transmission chain, the justice of his narrators, the multiplicity of his ways, and the evidence of the work of his companions with him “.

Interestingly, this problem is not new, but has emerged several times in recent years, and among what has emerged in it is the withdrawal of Sheikh Abdulaziz Al-Bari, one of Al-Azhar’s imams, from an episode live on the air with LTC in 2016, after a bitter verbal altercation broke out between him and researcher Abdo Maher, set against the backdrop of The “Breastfeeding the Elder” Fatwa Controversy, where Sheikh Al-Azhari has indicated in this episode, that it was about the topic of the defamation of religions, that this topic is a private and non-public fatwa, which was issued by the Prophet at that time and there was no other solution at the time, adding that it could There is a more serious “sonana Sunnah” than this raised issue.

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