Saudi Arabia lauds China’s pivotal contribution to the restoration of ties between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Riyadh: Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman praised China’s important role in restoring Saudi-Iran relations. The Saudi Crown Prince praised China in a phone conversation with Chinese President Xi Jinping. The importance of strengthening the relationship between Saudi Arabia and China was also discussed in the conversation between the two leaders. The Saudi news agency reported about this.

In the conversation, the Chinese President pointed out that Saudi Arabia played an important role in strengthening China’s relations with the Gulf Cooperative Council countries. Xi Jinping noted that Saudi Arabia has played an important role in strengthening China’s relations not only with GCC countries but also with countries in the Middle East region.

A review of the various levels of partnership between the two countries was also discussed. Bin Salman and Xi Jinping also discussed the need to work together to enhance Sino-Saudi partnership in various fields.

STORY HIGHLIGHTS: Saudi crown prince, in talks with Chinese president, recognizes Beijing’s role in renewal of ties with Iran

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