Sarts on possible peace talks: ‘It would be very disadvantageous for Ukrainians to freeze the situation right now’

At the beginning of the Ukrainian war, information about peace talks regularly appeared in the media, but now there is practically no such thing. Are the parties not interested in holding peace talks?

Jānis Sārts, director of the NATO Strategic Communication Center of Excellence, reflected on this issue in the TV24 program “Dienas personība”.

He says: “Wars always end with negotiations in the end, the question is: under what conditions and on what basis.” That’s probably the topic of debate right now.”

Russia wants to take a breather right now. Their forces are running out, they are unable to overcome the situation on the battlefield, they are basically losing and will continue to lose. Therefore, they are interested in freezing the situation right now. , and therefore use to the fullest all their influence and agency to move the matter forward,” assesses the expert.

However, looking at the current Ukrainian positions, according to Sarts, it would be very disadvantageous to freeze their situation, because the initiative is on the side of Ukraine.

“Yes, it’s difficult, there are also heavy losses for the Ukrainians, but for them to relax now would mean that at some point the war would resume and Russia would most likely find a more favorable time to resume this war. Therefore, at the moment, this it’s why there’s such a debate about: start, start, need, don’t need. But eventually there will be negotiations,” says Sarts.



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