Sarah van Soelen: ‘André and I have a break’ | Stars

Sarah appears to be in a chat conversation with the ‘Juice Channel’ Reality FBI to speak out about the much-discussed relationship. The Instastories show images of a chat conversation, on which Sarah is asked whether she is still in contact with André. She responds: “Little, but that doesn’t mean anything, does it?” According to Sarah, there would be a ‘break’. “Nothing is finished, but there is indeed a break for both of us. We have a lot to process and that requires rest.”

In the chat conversation it is also about Monique, André’s ex with whom he has a son. When asked if Sarah will ever be friends with her, she replies: “If I have to act normal to her for the child, I certainly will. But outside of that, no.”

It is not yet entirely clear whether the ‘Juice channel’ has actually spoken to Sarah van Soelen. Sarah’s management could not be reached for comment Thursday morning.


Sarah and André announced their relationship in April. The two were inseparable for six months and even bought a house together. Earlier this fall, the news came out that the couple would no longer be together.


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