Samsung Galaxy Z Fold & Slide smartphone

Samsung patents advanced Galaxy Z Fold foldable smartphone that also extends out for an even larger display surface. With penta camera.

Samsung is with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 on Galaxy Z Flip 3 a dominant player in the field of foldable smartphones. The South Korean manufacturer firmly believes in the future of these new foldable devices. Over time, Samsung has also filed numerous foldable and retractable smartphone patents for future models. In October last year, LetsGoDigital reported on a particularly designed Samsung Galaxy Z Fold smartphone met sliding keyboard. A similar one followed in August this year Galaxy Z Fold & Roll model, which is both foldable and extendable.

It seems that Samsung sees serious potential in such a type of phone. This time, the Korean brand has filed a similar patent, which builds on previous publications but includes much more detail. Including an extensive camera system with five camera lenses – also known as a penta-camera. This time, the same kind of hide-away hinge has been applied as we already know from the Galaxy Z devices.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold & Slide smartphone

In mid-May 2021, Samsung Electronics has applied for a patent with the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) for an ‘Electronic apparatus’. The 60-page documentation was published today, November 25, 2021.

In its most compact position, the patented Samsung foldable smartphone looks a lot like the Galaxy Z Fold 3. A large flexible screen has been applied, and a cover display is also included. When you unfold the device you get access to a tablet size screen of about 7.6”.

So far little difference with the current Z Fold devices. However, we have renamed the new model the Galaxy Z Fold & Slide for a reason. Because if you need an even larger display surface, you can further enlarge the screen at the touch of a button. The extra screen surface unfolds from the left side of the device, after which the screen is enlarged by another approximately 25%.

It is even possible to use the extendable display part in the folded position. For example, the additional display can show general information such as the time and battery indicator. It can also display app-related information.

When the device is used in the half-open position (also known as the Flex mode), the extra display can protrude upwards. This allows even more content to be displayed. The lower part then remains reserved for the operating elements. The various options regarding the pull-out display part are excellently illustrated in the patent images above.

Samsung Fold & Slide met penta-camera

The camera system is also special – which usually remains underexposed in utility patents. This time, however, a penta camera was chosen, including a periscopic telephoto zoom camera. An LED flash is also included in the design.

The camera system is significantly more advanced than we know from the current Galaxy Z series of smartphones. For the time being, there are no folding telephones available with a telephoto zoom. Samsung has also not yet released any phones with five camera lenses.

The patent documentation also shows that the device will support reverse wireless charging. Earlier this month, LetsGoDigital reported on a patent from Samsung for a tri-fold smartphone with support for reverse wireless charging.

Optionally, Samsung can also apply the patented technology for a clamshell model – such as the Galaxy Z Flip 3. In that case, the extra display part will be pulled from the bottom to the device.

Samsung is certainly not the only manufacturer that tries to combine the possibilities of foldable and rollable displays in a smart way. TCL also demonstrated a TCL Fold ’n Roll smartphone concept – this was also a foldable and rollable model.

Before Samsung releases a smartphone that is both foldable and extendable, it is expected that the company will first release a device that can only be pulled out – and therefore not foldable. As several companies have already demonstrated – think, for example, of the Oppo x 2021. Samsung would also already have a during CES 2020 pull out galaxy phone brought to the fair.

When Samsung will present its first retractable, rollable smartphone remains unknown for the time being. In May this year, the company already placed the matching brand names Galaxy Z Slide on Galaxy Z Roll fixed. Around the same time, the company’s display division, Samsung Display, also demonstrated a special slideable smartphone. It is possible that we will hear more about this promising device in the coming year.

Download official documentation: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold & Slide.


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