Sarah Fraisou suffering from Coronavirus? Ahmed (The Villa of Broken Hearts 5) worries

While Manon Marsault from the Marseillais in the Caribbean went to the doctor after being afraid of having contracted the Coronavirus, many reality TV candidates monitor their health and hope not to have caught it! As a security measure, many filming programs in progress have been canceled, such as Love Island, Beijing Express or even more recently The Apprentice Adventurers 5 whose adventure had just started and whose cancellation was made official today by the teams of W9. Sarah Fraisou is on vacation in Thailand with Ahmed and she displayed herself coughing on social networks, which particularly worried her boyfriend whom she met a few months earlier on the set of The Villa of Broken Hearts 5 ! Melty’s editorial team invites you to learn more about this below …

Thus, on her Snapchat account, Sarah Fraisou reveals that each time she coughs Ahmed looks at her with a worried look, and that he would suspect her of having the Coronavirus each time it happens. A reaction that shocked her and that she could not help sharing with Internet users! The candidate is currently on vacation in Thailand and even being on the other side of the world at the beach, she recalls to those who follow it to respect the security and containment measures put in place for Coronavirus, and gives its full support to those who are directly or indirectly affected by the virus. She is not the only one to have expressed herself on the subject since Jazz also talked about the Coronavirus on his social networks and was lynched by Internet users who accused him of being badly placed to react to the virus. She got a kick that we invite you to discover here!

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Find all the information on the evolution of the Coronavirus as well as the precautions to take on the government website just here.


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