Sarah Fraisou (La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 5): After her weight loss and injections, she continues her physical transformation

Sarah Fraisou is in a relationship with Ahmed from La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 5 and a video was very responsive. Since participating in the TFX program, the young woman has decided to lose a few pounds to feel better about herself and to preserve her health. But against all odds, her physical transformation does not stop there since in addition to her refined silhouette, the reality TV candidate chose to make injections in the lips to make them more voluminous, as she had shared on social networks. And on June 30, 2020, she wanted to go even further …

Sarah Fraisou got a teeth whitening
Sarah Fraisou got a teeth whitening
Sarah Fraisou unveiled the result of her teeth whitening
Sarah Fraisou unveiled the result of her teeth whitening

After all these changes, Sarah Fraisou, who is still a friend with Julie of La Villa des Coeurs Brisés 5, decided to have their teeth whitened and released the result on Snapchat with a stunning before / after, just to have a new absolutely perfect look from head to toe. Once again, his darling Ahmed was by his side to encourage him. After a stay with friends on the side of Montpellier, the couple returned to the capital, where they moved together a few months ago and where they therefore resumed their little habits before perhaps participating in The battle 3 couples in the coming months as some rumors claim.


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