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Samsung registers the Galaxy Z Slide in Europe, a new twist of its expandable mobiles

Samsung is registering another hypothetical expandable mobile phone in Europe, and it could be announced this year.

Samsung is very interested in foldable and rollable mobile devices, and while they have already shown us different prototypes of each of these technologies that could materialize in future launches, they are now registering a series of brands that seem to bode well for imminent announcements. .

A few days ago, Samsung registered the Galazy Z Roll trademark with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, perhaps the name chosen for its first roll-up screen mobile.

But in the last hours, the South Koreans have also filed the trademark “Galaxy Z Slide” with the same European Intellectual Property Office, with what these two devices would be the future bets of Samsung in this market niche.

According to this recording, discovered by Letsgodigital, it is included in the “class 9” mark, which indicates that it is a “smartphone, mobile device, telecommunications device or tablet”.

The mockup you can see, created by Letsgodigital, is a reinterpretation of what it could be, and they speculate that this Galaxy Z Slide be a smartphone with an expandable screen that expands vertically, unlike the Galaxy Z Roll which would expand horizontally.

Corning is already working on a flexible version of Gorilla Glass to integrate flexible phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold and the Huawei Mate X.

Either way, what is clear is that Samsung is working on several proposals for these foldable phones and to be announced this year, since these types of brands are usually registered before announcements.

South Koreans are expected throughout this summer to Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 2 announce, and recent recordings may be longer term versions.

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