Samsung provides Galaxy S21 with Blade Bezel

Samsung Display’s new trademark filing hints at implementation of a ‘Blade Bezel’ in the upcoming Galaxy S21 flagship line-up.

Normally, Samsung will introduce its new S-series smartphones around February. The current Galaxy S20, S20 Plus in S20 Ultra will be replaced next year by the Galaxy S21 series (or S30). Samsung will probably choose to introduce the new devices a month earlier, in January 2021. Before the new phones are released, Samsung will first establish a series of new trademarks, which describe the new technology that will be applied in the new smartphones.

For example, LetsGoDigital recently reported on a IsoCell Vizion 3D ToF camera, presumably intended for the Galaxy S21 series. This time, Samsung Display registers a trademark for a new type of screen edge in its home country of Korea.

Samsung Blade Bezel

On October 16, 2020, Samsung Display filed a trademark for the name with the KIPO (Korean Intellectual Property Office) Blade Bezel. The application is categorized as Class 9 with the following description:

Samsung Blade Bezel trademark description: Large screen display, smartphone display, LCD, LED, OLED, digital camera display, video screen

The screen edges of the phones are also called a bezel. These edges have been drastically reduced in recent years. It seems that Samsung now wants to introduce a new type of frame border, in the form of a ‘Blade Bezel’.

Unfortunately, it remains unclear what exactly is meant by this. Literally translated, ‘Blade’ means ‘Blade’ in English. However, blade is also used to describe the flat side of a knife. Samsung may want to use a straight-shaped frame for the S-series models, just as Apple has done with the recently introduced iPhone 12 series. This gives the new models a fresh, industrial look.

The S-series phones have a somewhat rounder frame, but there have been rumors for some time that Samsung may want to get rid of this. For example, Samsung has the Galaxy Tab S7 tablet series, which were introduced simultaneously with the Note 20 devices, also features a significantly right-hand frame than the Tab S6 last year.

Samsung S21

Another option is that Samsung wants to place the camera under the screen. It has been known for some time that the first smartphones with an under-screen camera will be released next year – apart from the already introduced ZTE Axon 20, which is not available in the Netherlands. However, such an under-screen camera is not yet expected with the Samsung S21. Moreover, this seems to have more to do with the screen, and not so much with the bezel. Although the addition of ‘digital camera display’ in the trademark description raises some question marks.

All in all, we will have to be patient for a while before the new top models from Samsung are introduced. Last weekend a lot of revealing information about both the entry-level model, the Samsung Galaxy S21 as the top model, the Galaxy S21 Ultra. In the coming weeks, more will undoubtedly become known about the new S-series models for 2021.

Blade bezel

Note to editors : The product renders presented in this publication are made by in-house designer Giuseppe Spinelli (aka Snoreyn). The 3D images were designed for our publication about the Galaxy S-series with flexible display. This product is not for sale. The renders are copyright protected. You can use this artwork for free, please be so kind to include a clickable link into your publication. Thank you very much for understanding.

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