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Samsung Galaxy M54 Phone: Specifications and Price Review

This Samsung galaxy m54 phone has many features, features, and technical and technical specifications at a high level of quality, and this is what achieves a distinctive and unique user experience that may not be achieved by other phones higher in price, but the communication service provided may be of lower quality than the Samsung galaxy m54 phone. Therefore, we learn in detail about its specifications as one of the most important types of mid-range phones, and it has a number of unique specifications that we learn about, and through the following we also mention the most important information about the price of the Samsung Galaxy M54 phone.

Samsung galaxy m54 phone specifications

Among the features of the phone is that it has many features, whether at the screen level or at the processor level, as well as at the camera level, the resolution and pixel density of the screen, the brightness level, the battery and its capacity. Below we learn about the most important specifications and features of this distinguished phone from Samsung releases.

  • The phone’s screen is large and measures 6.7 inches. It also works with a high level of accuracy and quality. Its manufacturing material comes from high-quality Gorilla Victus glass, and the pixel density reaches 393 pixels.
  • The battery is strong, with a capacity of 6000 amps.
  • The weight of the phone is 199 grams, and the external material of this phone is made of plastic and it supports 5G chipsets.
  • It is possible to connect the internal memory and insert a memory card.
  • The storage is different, as there is a 128 GB version of the phone, and another with a 256 GB capacity.
  • It is equipped with a number of cameras, including the main one, whose resolution reaches about 108 megapixels, and the second phone camera is 8 megapixels.
  • The phone’s speakers are powerful, mono type, and have a capacity of up to 3.5 mm.
  • The sensor is equipped with a fingerprint, which is located on the power button and always works with the NFC sensor feature and is available in two colors, blue and silver.

Samsung Galaxy M54 phone price

The price of the Samsung Galaxy M54 phone globally is about 210 dollars, while its price in euros reaches 193 euros, and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia its price settles at 788 Saudi riyals.

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