Samsung Galaxy A71, Has Super Steady Features with Premium Storage at No Extra Cost– Samsung is back with a new look, with superior features that make them dare to guarantee user satisfaction.

It has the Super Steady feature which is capable of recording videos with a high level of stabilization, making it capable of creating good quality videos.

The Samsung Galaxy A71 also offers premium storage space without having to spend extra so it can store a lot.

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With an offer like that, Samsung is a superior smartphone company that always brings new technology.

Reported through various sources. The Samsung Galaxy A71 uses a screen with thin bezels but has a much wider display.

Using Super AMOLED Plus technology of 1 169.5 mm with FHD+ resolution of 1080 x 2400 and has a Color Depth of 16 M, making it appear with a dazzling appearance.

With a corner screen design with a smooth and elegant curve, the Samsung Galaxy A71 can be looked at beautifully and is comfortable when held. The finish with a premium shine and rhythmic pattern adds comfort when used.

It has many cameras capable of recording wider objects, using a 5 MP Dept Camera, 64 MP Main Camera, 12 MP Ultra Wide Camera and 5 MP Macro Camera.

With a viewing angle of 123 degrees, the 12 MP ultra wide camera is able to capture images with a wider viewing angle and is able to reduce panning when recording perfect city views.

The 5 MP macro camera is capable of capturing images with clarity and quality up to ultra-fine detail at close range. Able to blur the background naturally to sharpen the subject of the photo and make it stand out more.

Super Steady is able to make the Samsung Galaxy A71 become an action camera with a professional level. Using an ultra-wide camera and predictive software, Super Steady is able to provide incredibly smooth live video of adventurous journeys.

The 5 MP Depth Camera allows users to adjust the depth of field before and after taking a picture. Noise in the background of the image can be reduced so that the results look professional.

With a 32 MP front camera, users can take focused selfies with clear, high resolution results and are able to gently blur the background to produce charming selfies.

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