Ali Al-Hamadi and the Iraqi National Team’s Victory over Indonesia in 2026 World Cup Qualification – The moment the Iraqi National Team beat the Indonesian National Team at the Basra Stadium in the 2026 World Cup Qualification event is a very memorable memory for someone Ali Al-Hamadi.

The Iraqi national team hosted the Indonesian national team in the first Group F match of the second round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers in the Asian zone (16/11/2023). Watched by 65 thousand pairs of eyes, Iraq crushed Indonesia 5-1!

In the duel which took place at the Basra International Stadium, Basra, Ali Al-Hamadi also contributed one goal in the 88th minute. The other four Iraqi goals against the Indonesian National Team were scored by Bashar Resan (20′), Jordi Amat (35′ suicide), Osama Rashid (60′), and Youssef Amyn (81′).

Meanwhile, the Indonesian National Team’s goal was scored by Shayne Pattynama (45+3′). Ali Al-Hamadi admitted that he was grateful that his team was able to win because many supporters had come to watch the match.

“There are 40 million people who want you to win a football match and that is not something that many people can experience. Playing at home a few days ago, there were around 65,000 people,” Ali Al-Hamadi was quoted as saying. The Athletic.

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More exciting than Stamford Bridge

Chelsea flag pole in the corner of the Stamford Bridge stadium. (c) AP Photo

Ali Al-Hamadi claimed that the atmosphere at the Basra International Stadium when facing the Indonesian National Team was very crazy. In fact, Al-Hamadi claimed the atmosphere was 100 times crazier than when he played at Chelsea’s headquarters, Stamford Bridge.

“I’ve played at Stamford Bridge, but the atmosphere in Basra is 100 times better because of the energy and intensity, it’s hard to describe. People told me about it before I played there, but I almost couldn’t believe it,” said Ali Al -Hamadi.

“Once you play there for the first time, it’s even crazier than you imagine. Scoring a goal there too, that was the craziest moment,” emphasized the player who is now defending AFC Wimbledon.

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Full support

Ali Al-Hamadi said Iraqi fans were very fanatical about football. This situation of course requires him and the Iraqi National Team to achieve the best results in every match played.

“They are very crazy about football in Iraq, football is all they talk about and this is a football country. Whatever club I have been to, there is always a bond between the fans, it is special,” said Ali Al-Hamadi .

“Playing for Iraq is a lot of pressure. A few days ago against Vietnam, I started and you could feel the pressure.”

“You’re expected to win every game; it’s a pressure I can’t describe because it’s very different to playing for your club, but it’s a special pressure,” said the 21-year-old.

Adapted from: Zulfirdaus Harahap/editor Rizki Hidayat
Published: 30 November 2023

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