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Samsung deleted tweets mocking Apple for not including charger

When Apple announced that after the launch of its iPhone 12 it would stop including the power adapter and headphones in the packaging under the excuse of being a decision to contribute to the environment, many brands used their social networks to laugh, highlighting that their high-end equipment did include all the accessories.

Xiaomi was one of them and Samsung other, but what has just happened with the South Koreans raises the alarms since that mockery was deleted from his official Twitter account, which would not be an act of courtesy on the part of the brand but rather confirmation of what the rumors were talking about a few weeks ago.

And apparently so it will be and Samsung will not include the power adapter in the packaging of its next high-end phone, a novelty that will be added to that of making the presentation during the first weeks of January, since it was usual for it to be a month later, that is, in February.

As it is, the S21 and all models of the series that are presented, will not come with charger, so to avoid that old and well-known phrase of “Do not spit at the sky”, the company would have chosen to delete the message in which it laughed at Apple’s decision. Will it finally be like this? We will only have to wait a couple more weeks to find out.

This said your account and now the tweet is no longer available (pic.twitter.com/9k1cgjQAPU)

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