Salvatore Soviero: Interview on Inter, Napoli, and Goalkeepers in Italian Football

Salvatore Soviero, former goalkeeper of Genoa and Salernitana, spoke on “1 Football Club”, a radio program hosted by Luca Cerchione broadcast on 1 Station Radio. Below is an excerpt from the interview.

After Onana’s performance yesterday, can we say that Inter have made the deal?

“Before Inter sold him, I said that the Cameroonian goalkeeper had no fundamentals. He has aggression, it’s true, but when you don’t have fundamental technique… The fundamentals are missing. I said it even when things were going well. Football, however, is not about competence, but above all about opportunities. A person may have the opportunity to use knowledge to become a coach, but it is the skills that must allow you to remain one. Even Coverciano is now a moneymaker. Licenses are given to everyone without any technical knowledge. I will never give ten thousand euros to Coverciano! Pirlo? Today it is easy to speak badly of everyone, but he is working a miracle. Even at Juventus he didn’t do badly, he is the coach of the last cups for Juventus. I follow Sampdoria, and I can say that, with a team that isn’t up to par, they are doing everything they can. The Blucerchiati coach also pays for the importance of his name. Let’s be clear, the coach is the team! I have had coaches, I know the character and personality of many coaches. There are many who acted philosophical or got angry in interviews, but in the locker room they didn’t say two words, a concept that ended in elementary school. Even journalism, in these dynamics. In Campania, then, we have the Sgarbi of football. Until the day before yesterday he spoke well of a person but, today, after a bad match he says everything and the opposite of everything

Mazzarri, in his second experience in Naples, managed to puff out his chest due to the unity of purpose guaranteed to the team.

“If the players praise a coach after a week it means that they didn’t have much respect for the previous one… That Walter is all this phenomenon… Napoli, with Mazzarri, have always played from a throw-in. It was Benitez who ensured a new European mentality. Napoli left a coach who did not enhance what was built last year. Nobody expected that the Azzurri could win a championship in such a clear way. Garcia tried to put everyone on the same level, but a coach who does this cannot be a coach. You cannot treat a phenomenon like all the others. Above all, you can’t recall a player who won like a kid. With Walter, however, Napoli can get back on track.”

Has Gollini’s time come?

“Some time ago, I said I preferred Gollini. I was vilified after the championship win, but I always maintained that it gave the defense greater peace of mind. If a goalkeeper has personality, his teammate is more serene. I don’t make it up and I don’t speak out of dislike. Meret is one of the best in Italy from a technical point of view, but he suffers from a character gap. They are innate qualities. Gollini is someone who has peperino and, between a regular one and someone like Gollini, I always prefer the latter”

Where can Napoli go?

“Napoli should make a real adjustment in defence, with a capable central defender who can replace Kim. If they manage to maintain the right distance from the top, Napoli can have their say in the championship.”

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