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Saint-Martin | Miscellaneous facts. Police officers attacked, the college ransacked and cars set on fire in the Val district

Saturday evening, around 10:30 p.m., a band of twenty young people began to cause damage in Mont-Saint-Martin. The facts began in the parking lot of the staff of the Auchan hypermarket where the car of a security guard was set on fire. The police and firefighters, who went to the scene, were attacked by these young people, most of them minors.

The latter sent various projectiles as well as fireworks mortar fire at the vehicles in intervention. The police had to use tear gas jets and a shot from a plastic bullet launcher.

Ten police crews

Then, the young people dispersed in the district of Val. There, a vehicle was returned to the roof rue de Bordeaux. Three cars were set on fire in streets perpendicular to that of Lille, in the streets of Violettes, Glaïeuls and Lupins, around 11:30 p.m.

Several rooms of the Anatole-France college have also been degraded. A very tormented Halloween night, then.

If the police had planned a reinforcement of the workforce for this special evening, vehicles had to be called in reinforcement of Nancy, Val de Briey and Conflans-en-Jarnisy, that is to say a dozen crews, to put an end to to these acts of incivility. The return to order took place around 12:30 a.m.

Despite the projectile throws and the fireworks from the mortars, there were no injuries or damage to the vehicles in intervention. At the time of writing, there has been no interpellation. But the police are using everything they have at their disposal to conduct the investigation.

“A stupid act! “

The vehicles that were set on fire were removed fairly quickly and the city services were able to clean the surroundings of the places concerned. “It’s a stupid act that adds up to a difficult context! But a priori, there is no link with the latest national events, ”says Serge De Carli, mayor of Mont-Saint-Martin. “I had residents on the phone who were afraid and could not sleep all night,” continues the chief magistrate who hopes that “the efforts that the City, with the help of the Agglomeration Community of Longwy, in the time of its former president, be materialized ”.

In fact, three educators had been hired from July to the end of September. “We are asking the services of the State for a three-year hiring and I would like this file to be resolved”, concludes Serge De Carli.

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