Saif Zahir: El-Shennawi and Mohamed Hani are on the radar of a major club

Saif Zahir revealed that the Al-Ahly duo, Muhammad Al-Shennawi and Muhammad Hani, is on the radar of one of the major clubs, explaining that a large European club is following this duo and is looking forward to joining them after the great level that they appeared on, especially in the World Cup clubs.

Zahir said, in televised comments on the Ontime Stadium program, on the Ontime Sports channel, on Monday: “A major European league is closely following the duo and wants to include them.”

In the same context, Amir Tawfiq, Director of Marketing and Contracting at Al-Ahly revealed, earlier, that the club did not receive any professional offers for any of its players, whether Mohamed El-Shennawy or Mohamed Hani, and everything reported in this regard is unfounded.

Amir Tawfiq said that there may be contacts with the agents of these players on the part of the marketing companies, but Al-Ahly has not received any official offers.

He added that there is a difficulty in dispensing with any player at the present time, especially since there is a goal that everyone seeks within the club, which is to maintain the African Championship, and to return again to participate in the World Club Championship.

Amir Tawfiq said, “We are working to meet and provide the needs of the technical staff, and we seek to end the new season deals early before the end of the current season to stay away from auctions and conflict with clubs.”

The Al-Ahly technical staff, led by Betsu Musimani, the technical director, closed the FIFA Club World Cup file, in which he recently participated, and began thinking about the African file, as the Red Genie prepares for the Sudanese match between Mars in the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly returned to Cairo on Friday, coming from Qatar after obtaining the bronze in the Club World Cup, and the Al-Ahly and Al-Merreikh match will be held at 9 pm Tuesday at Al-Ahly Stadium in Peace.

Al-Ahly plays in Group A with: Simba of Tanzania, Vita Club of Congo, and Al-Merreikh of Sudan.



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