Sad! This broker succeeded in buying 3,500 PS5 to be sold again

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A group called CrepChiefNotify from England claims to have bought nearly thousands of PlayStation 5 (PS5) units. This group bought PS5 to be resold at a price many times higher.

“Our collective total is 2,472 PS5 consoles for all of our members,” CrepChiefNotify manager Tom told Business Insider. detikcom Wednesday (11/25/2020).

This does not include the 1,000 units ordered when pre-orders for the PS5 opened in September. In total, CrepChiefNotify managed to collect nearly 3,500 consoles for resale.

Sony did not specify how many PS5 consoles gamers can buy in the UK. But if only one group of brokers managed to buy nearly 3,500 units, the impact on stocks would be quite large.

To buy PS5s in record time, CrepChiefNotify used bots to monitor all retail sites as the PS5 went on sale. Other bots are also used to bypass queues and waiting times so they can buy PS5 faster than those who buy manually.

CrepChiefNotify itself is a group of experienced brokers who previously focused on buying limited edition sneakers for resale. They even offer their bot services to the general public with prices ranging from £ 29.99 to £ 399.

“Bot developers have seen an increase in demand for next-generation consoles and have shifted their focus from boots focused on sneakers to multipurpose bots for electronics,” said Tom.

Meanwhile, brokers looking to profit from the PS5 sold the console for insane prices on eBay and social media. A reseller is selling the PS5 for USD 1,100 for the standard version with disc, double the original price.

Sales of the PS5 in the UK have not gone smoothly since it was launched on 19 November. For example, consumers who order their ideal console via Amazon actually get a package containing a sack of rice, cat food to a rice cooker.

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