Sacha de Boer and Rick Nieman practically married off

Rick and Sacha worked together for years Veronica Newsline, but the spark did not immediately ignite. “We also both had a relationship, but I immediately thought: what a nice boy you are,” she says now. “Before the first broadcast we had lunch together to go through the program and I already noticed that he enjoyed good food and drinks. I didn’t have that with my friend at the time, who didn’t like anything at all.”

In the end, it was colleagues of the two who linked them together. “Or no, they just married us off,” Sacha laughs. However she tried her best, when they went for a drink with the editors she always ended up with Rick. Sacha: “Suddenly I realized that I liked him more than I might have intended. We also fit together so well. We have the same attitude to life, are both fanatical and curious and very optimistic. I am very happy that I I am someone who does not easily hang up. “

You can read the entire interview in the new edition of Flair.

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