Rustam Muradov, the Russian general sent by Putin to punish the undisciplined soldiers –

Rustam Muradov, decorated for his actions in Syria, will be the punisher of officers and soldiers. The audio of the punishments intercepted by the Ukrainian services

Another officer trained in the Syrian slaughterhouse is the general that Putin would have sent to Ukraine a punish in an exemplary manner i insubordinate military
. According to recordings of telephone calls released by the Ukrainian secret services, Rustam Muradov allegedly had some senior officers undressed, tied up and then taken away in buses.

For days already the responsibility of intelligence in the enemy country would have passed fromFsb, the main successor of the KGB which has always been involved in internal espionage and in the countries of the former Soviet Union, in the Gru, military service. According to Russian war experts, General Vladimir Alekseyev, in charge of previous operations against the West, such as thefailed poisoning in Great Britain of the former spy Skripal. But he also distinguished himself in supporting Assad’s troops in Syria. “Syrian” also the new head of the entire Special Military Operation (as Putin calls war) Aleksandr Dvornikov who in the Middle Eastern country directed i carpet bombing even in urban areas full of civilians.

Now Muradov who had already led the Russian interposition troops, the so-called peacekeepers, in Nagorno-Karabakh. L Muradov managed to negotiate with Armenians and Azerbaijanis for a prisoner exchange that ended positively in 2021. In Syria he had previously earned the title of Hero of the Russian Federation. He had already worked in the Donbass as a Russian representative in the Coordination Center for the control of the ceasefire between separatists and Ukrainians after 2015. The news of his arrival as a “punisher” of officers and soldiers who would not agree to advance against the Ukrainians was not confirmed by Russian sources.

May 16, 2022 (change May 16, 2022 | 18:16)

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