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Russian Propagandists Expose Truth About Crimea

Russian propagandists, with their own statements, destroyed Putin’s myth about Crimea, which he had been creating for years.

Russian propagandists have acknowledged that pro-Ukrainian sentiment is widespread in annexed Crimea and that a large number of local residents are eagerly awaiting the return of Ukraine. Z-patriots admit that they are scared by so many supporters of Ukraine around, and they call for the most brutal measures and repression to be applied to Ukrainians.

About it told Ukrainian journalist and blogger Denis Kazansky on his YouTube channel.

In particular, the famous Z-propagandist Sergei Veselovsky, who himself lives in Crimea and supports the Russian war against Ukraine, complained that he was hated by his own fellow countrymen, who threatened him for his pro-Putin position.

“How interesting it turns out. In 2014, Russian state propaganda claimed that there are practically no Ukrainians in Crimea at all. Crimea is Russian, everyone there is for Russia and everyone unanimously went to a referendum and voted for reunification with the Russian Federation. And so years have passed, and now the same propagandists complain that there are enemies all around who are waiting for the arrival of the Ukrainian army”noted Kazansky.

Another propaganda Crimean TV channel, Crimea 24, proposed deporting all unwanted Ukrainians who disagree with the occupation. “It doesn’t matter what they do. If you simply don’t agree with the war against your country, then you are facing eviction from your own home just for the position“, – said the journalist.

Thus, in essence, Russia requires all residents of Crimea to think according to the manual, according to the instructions.

Let us remind you that a huge hack took place in Crimea: all channels showed Zelensky, and the “vatniks” were gripped by fear.

Earlier Taras Berezovets saidthat the storm in the temporarily occupied Crimea destroyed the plans of the Russian Federation.

We invite you to find out the new deadlines for the liberation of Crimea and Donbass from Roman Svitan.

Author: Daria Alexandrova

2023-12-01 14:14:22

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