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Russian-Iranian Cooperation in Manufacturing Attack Drones for Ukraine War

The Office of the Prosecutor General, citing examinations, stated that the attack drones of the “Shahed-131136” type, which Russia has been firing at Ukraine since September 2022, are produced by an Iranian state aircraft company Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industrial Company.

“The conclusions of expert research have been obtained, according to which UAVs marked “Geran-2” are identified as kamikaze UAVs of the “Shahed-136” type. Another seized sample called “Geran-1” is identified as a kamikaze attack UAV “Shahed-131.” The developer and The manufacturer of these UAVs is Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Company (HESA) of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” the letter says.

According to the publication, this is the first data from law enforcement agencies that may indicate Iran’s involvement in the production of UAVs.

Back in January of this year, the Department for Combating Crimes in Armed Conflict of the Office of the Prosecutor General told the Public that they could not determine the country of origin of the drones, delivery routes, place of manufacture and other details, but they would try to establish this.

Cooperation between Russia and Iran

We wrote earlier that Russia and Iran agreed to “counteract” the sanctions of Western countries. The Russian minister called this an important step in increasing the coordination of efforts of “members of the world community to overcome illegal sanctions.”

We also wrote about whether Iran could transfer ballistic missiles to Russia.

In November it became known that Russia was building a plant to produce Shaheds. This was stated by Reuters journalists using satellite images.

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