Russian Invaders Attack Port Infrastructure in Odessa, Damaging Buildings, Trucks, and Injuring Drivers

On the night of September 26, Russian invaders attacked the port infrastructure of the Odessa region, as a result of which the checkpoint building, warehouses, 3 dozen trucks were damaged, 6 trucks were burned and two drivers were injured.

Source: Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration Oleg Kiper in Telegram

Keeper’s direct speech: “In the Izmail region, the port infrastructure was hit. Two men, truck drivers, were injured. One of them received medical assistance on the spot, the second was hospitalized with a severe arm injury. The building of the checkpoint, warehouses were damaged, about 30 trucks, 6 trucks caught fire.” .

Details: According to the head of the fire department, firefighters have already extinguished the fire.

Photo from Kiper’s telegram

He added that the drone attack in the Odessa region lasted for 2 hours. Most of the air defense drones were shot down.


2023-09-26 04:44:48

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