Dugin: Volodin’s ultimatum needs force support

Dugin: Volodin’s ultimatum needs force support

/Pogled.info/ The Chairman of the State Duma (of Russia) Vyacheslav Volodin says quite correctly in his Telegram channel:

7 the fact that Washington and Brussels have lost the “war of attrition” against Russia.

1. Lack of weapons and ammunition in the West.

2. The trust of the population of Europe and the USA in politicians has been lost.

3. Failure of the counteroffensive of the Kyiv regime.

4. Economic problems of Europe and the USA.

5. Shortage of personnel in the Ukrainian army.

6. Ukraine goes bankrupt.

7. Demographic catastrophe in Ukraine.

These 7 facts speak for themselves:

– or capitulation of the Kyiv regime under the conditions of the Russian Federation,

— or Ukraine will cease to exist as a state.

Conclusions are important. The fact that Volodin says this means that the position of the authorities stated here is clear and unambiguous.

Unconditional capitulation or complete liberation of Ukraine with removal of its statehood.

But… Agree that both require an impressive and convincing power boost. That Russia survived and Ukraine lost half its population is important and right, but to a demonic pack of obsessed people it is no argument.

They fight, deliver tons of new fighters to the frontline and try to advance. They have no hesitation, no despair, no sense of defeat. So far they haven’t even flinched. And of course, they will not flinch at Volodin’s statement.

In order for Moscow’s ultimatum to be taken seriously (and Volodin is the spokesperson, that is, the voice of Moscow), it is necessary to present strong and clear arguments. They can be:

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1) immediate destruction of the political and military elite of Kiev;

2) an effective strike on decision-making centers;

3) causing such damage to the enemy’s military and economic infrastructure that every Ukrainian would immediately feel it;

4) massive offensive of the Russian army with clear and significant results.

Then the formula “surrender or die” will be taken seriously. And so, we too often threatened the enemy and did not respond to it with meaningful and convincing (for him and for us) actions. This is very dangerous for a great country: to scare and then pretend that nothing happened, without answering for what was said. Big countries don’t.

The hysteria and lies of the enemy are not to be compared with us: our superiority consists in not being like the possessed creatures on the other side of the front. Even the comparison is humiliating.

That means we have to take very specific steps. And they must be significant and verifiable – both for the enemy and for ourselves.

We have once again reached a critical point in the history of the special military operation. Volodin made his statement on time. This should have been stated clearly and plainly.

But concrete action must come after that. And their lack will have a negative effect: why then put more than serious ultimatums to serious people if we are not able to answer them? This discredits the country and makes it look weak and incompetent. And this is not so.

I believe that it is necessary to quickly gather a million-strong army, wake up the public to the end, stop threatening and start winning.

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Nietzsche said: “I love those who throw golden words in front of them and cover them with even more golden deeds.” Volodin threw away golden words. The absence of golden deeds will not only devalue them, but turn them into their opposite – from gold in lead.

And it’s time to get serious about the patriotic re-education of society. From top to bottom – and especially at the top. And the behavior of the elites is more and more reminiscent of a simulation – ersatz patriotism.

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