“Russian Foreign Minister threatens to end grain deal with Ukraine and UN”

It is curious to read the statement of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov that in the absence of progress in the implementation of the grain deal, Moscow will consider it non-functioning, the Rybar telegram channel comments.

Today, May 29, after negotiations in Kenya, Lavrov said that “if everything remains as it is, and, apparently, it will be so, then it will be necessary to proceed from the fact that it (the grain deal) is no longer functioning.”

As the authors of the TC note, “indeed, the agreement did not work for a day: there was no progress in the export of Russian fertilizers and ammonia over the year, and Ukrainian grain went anywhere, but not to the starving countries of Africa.” And the initiative itself, the commentary states, was originally a commercial scheme to enrich corrupt Kyiv officials and their Western sponsors under the auspices of the UN.

“But with all this, the Russian side each time extended the grain deal for a new period. Neither the fundamental refusal of the West to fulfill its part of the agreement, nor the attacks on the ships of the Black Sea Fleet prevented this, ” – writes “Rybar”.

He draws attention to the fact that “for the sponsors of Ukraine, any such signed documents are silly letters, which they will not follow in principle, regardless of the content of the agreements and the one who signed them.”

“The only acceptable option for Russia is to completely withdraw from the grain deal. Otherwise, the already serious reputational losses of the country will only grow, and all the formidable statements will only provoke the enemy more,” TK concluded.

As reported, the grain initiative is an integral part of the package agreement. The second part, the Russia-UN memorandum, designed for three years, provides for the unblocking of Russian exports of food and fertilizers, the reconnection of the Russian Agricultural Bank to the SWIFT system, the resumption of supplies of agricultural machinery, spare parts and services, the restoration of the operation of the Togliatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline and a number of other measures. As noted in Moscow, this part of the package agreement has not yet been implemented. Earlier, the Russian Foreign Ministry informed about the next extension of the grain deal, this time until July 17 inclusive, without any changes, and if all problematic issues on the deal are not resolved within two months, the agreement will be terminated after July 17.

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2023-05-29 13:28:00
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