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Runaway actor Anatoly Bely lamented hardships in foreign land: ‘Life was divided into before and after’

The artist who moved to Israel still cannot fully recover. Bely does not hide the fact that it is not so easy for him to settle in another country.

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Among the celebrities who, after the February events, chose to leave Russia was the theater and film actor Anatoly Bely. After retiring from the Chekhov Moscow Art Theater, the man moved permanently to Israel. However, in a new place it’s not so easy for him. On social networks, Bely repeatedly complained about everyday difficulties, the lack of roles and a different mentality. In part, just before the New Year, Anatoly Alexandrovich managed to get a job and start rehearsals. However, the artist still cannot fully get used to the changes: in his own words, life was divided into before and after.

“New is still better than it was, right? Well, that’s how the brain works. Let it be. Life is divided into before and after, there is no going back. Evil is very strong. And good will win. So, we have to do everything we can to make it better, ”Bely addressed the fans.

Alla Pugacheva, who moved to Israel, also complained earlier. The prima donna of the Russian stage has enough money (the recognized foreign agent Maxim Galkin tried, who does not go on tours abroad), but it is much more difficult for her to endure a break with her former friends than her. In private conversations, the 73-year-old artist repeatedly complained that they had stopped calling, supporting and taking an interest in her condition. It is possible, however, that her friends were frightened by her words about “slaves” and “servants,” which she uttered to the Russians. Now Alla Borisovna sends to friends strange messages.

The life of Chulpan Khamatova, who fled to Latvia, is also not going very well. The founder of the “Give Life” foundation was connected with the New Riga Theater, but one can only dream of a former income.

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Photo source: Boris Kudryavov

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