Rudova in a bikini showed appetizing hips and lush breasts

The blonde shared a picture on the microblog.

Natalia Rudova. Photo:

Recently Natalia Rudova returned from a trip to Europe. On the tour, the blonde went after her birthday with her friend Anastasia Reshetova. She recently turned 38 years old. The girls met in 2015 on the set of Timati’s video “Keys from Paradise”, since then they have been practically inseparable.

Natalia Rudova
Natalia Rudova. Photo:

Upon returning to Moscow Rudova decided it was time to lose weight. In her Instagram, Natalya shares her successes in this matter, and also does not forget about personal photos.

“The drooling ran! Beauty can not be hidden! Incredible! How cool! Photo bomb! ”- wrote netizens.

Recall, Rudova gained popularity thanks to the TV series “Tatiana’s Day”, which was released in the early 2000s.

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