Rubber game, Jonathan defeats Chou Tien Chen


Jonathan Christie retain his chance of qualifying for the semi-finals BWF World Tour 2022 Finals. This is after beating Chou Tien Chen.

In the third match which took place at Nimibutr Arena, Bangkok on Friday (9/12/2022) afternoon WIB, Jonathan won the rubber game, 21-13, 12-12 and 21-17 in 50 minutes.

Jonathan played aggressively from the start of the first game. Lui quickly won 9-1 over Chou Tien Chen, before ending the break with an 11-5 lead.

After the break, Jonathan was still unstoppable and able to lead 18-8. Chou had seized the opportunity by scoring five consecutive points, but Jonathan still won 21-13.

In the second game, it was Jonatan who was bullied by Chou as he trailed 2-5 early and stopped scoring at 2-11 at halftime of the second game.

Jonathan had used the opportunity by cutting point by point from Chou. By the time Chou had reached 18 points, Jonathan was chasing down to 12 points.

Unfortunately, Chou had the upper hand and won the second game 21-12.

Going into game three, Chou held a 6-2 lead over Jonathan. However, while leading 8-4, Chou lost his momentum and Jonathan managed to snatch four consecutive points to level the score at 8-8.

Instead, Jonathan took an 11-9 lead into the third halftime of play. Jonathan tried to keep Chou out of the lead until he was up 18-14.

Chou still didn’t give up and kept coming back up to 17-20. Jonathan finally won this duel 21-17 after his punch hit Chou’s playing field.

With this win, Jonathan retains his opportunity to qualify for the semi-finals of the 2022 BWF World Tour Finals after having two wins and one loss.

Jonathan Christie only hope Anthony Sinisuka Ginting beat Loh Kean Yew. Even if Antony loses, Jonathan can still qualify if Loh doesn’t win the rubber game.

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