“Spreideits” by Anna Brigaderes was staged at the Daugavpils theater in Latvia

The plot of Anna Brigadere’s fairy tale is well known to everyone, so the creative team is sure that the audience will be happy to indulge in the unusual adventure in the theater and will easily understand what is happening on the stage even without prior knowledge of the Latvian language. The performance is enriched by the music composed by Artūrs Uškānas, leader of the ethnorock group “Laimas muzykanti”, while the Latvian sound gives the performance an extra spark of sincerity and humour.

Everyone is invited to the show, both native Latvian speakers and those who just want to get to know it better. Spridīš’s adventurous path in search of the Land of Happiness is well known to both adults and children, so director Māris Korsiets is sure that even though some names may be unknown, what is happening on stage will be easy to perceive and understand .

Running away from her stepmother’s hard work and whims, Sprīdītis goes to the wide world to seek her happiness. Along the way, he faces many trials, and his determination and good will always pay off. But the promised riches in a foreign land can’t give him the happiness he’s been looking for for so long, and the little heroic traveler realizes that no place is better than at home, in the circle of people who really care about him.

The costume designer of the show “Spreideits” is Egils Viļumovs, stage designer – Kristaps Skulte, author of musical design – Stanislavs Šimanskis, choreographer – Anna Blakunova, lighting designer – Sergejs Vasiļjevs.

Actress Zanda Mankop will live on in the role of Spridīš, transitional roles are: Agnese Laicāne, Kristine Veinštejna, Maija Korkliša, Vanda Gibovska, Ritvars Gailums, Marħers Eglinskis, Yulia Liha, Egils Viļumovs, Maris Corsiets, Inese Ivulāne-Mežale, Kristina Zaharova, Raimonds Paegle, Svetlana Morozova, Aleksandra Koguce, Alisa Matveyeva, Anna Blakunova, Artyom Afanasyev, Yevgenii Mihailov.

Tickets at the “Bilešu paradīze” ticket offices.

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