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Rs 30 Crore Blood Money Urgently Needed to Save Abdul Raheem from Death Sentence in Saudi Arabia

Just a week ahead… about 29 crore rupees to be collected. Family members and well-wishers including locals are scrambling to get back the life of Machilakat Abdul Rahim, a native of Kozhikode, Farook Kodampuzha. Seventy-four-year-old mother Fatima is also waiting with prayers to see her son alive who has been awaiting death sentence in a Saudi prison for eighteen years. The Saudi court sentenced Abdul Rahim to death in the case of the murder of 15-year-old Saudi citizen Anas Al-Shahri.

Saudi Arabia has announced that Abdul Rahim will be executed on April 16. Before that, release is possible only if blood money of Rs 34 crore is paid. Under the leadership of various organizations and expatriate community, the Janakiya Samiti has so far managed to collect only Rs 4.70 crore, Patron Ashraf Vengatil said. Businessman Bobby Chemmannur has started a begging journey from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasaragod to collect money for Abdul Rahim’s release. The amount received from this will be handed over to the Janaka Samithi.

A request has been made to Saudi Arabia through the Indian Embassy to extend the date of execution of the sentence. They are trying to convince the family of the deceased child including the information of the amount received so far and request them to allow some more time. The date will be extended at least till April 30. In addition to this, Ashraf Vengat said that he has requested financial assistance from NORCA and the Lok Kerala Sabha.

Anas died in December 2006. This was the 28th day that Abdul Rahim had arrived in Riyadh to work as a driver. Anas is the son of Rahim’s sponsor, Faiz Abdullah Abdurrahman Alshahri. Abdul Rahim’s main job was to look after the immobile Anas. Anas was given food and water through a special device attached to his neck. While going to the hypermarket with Anas in the vehicle, the boy got into a fight with Rahim for refusing Anas’ request to break the traffic signal.

Abdul Rahim was spat in the face several times when he turned to understand the child in the back seat. When he tried to stop him, Abdul Rahim’s hand accidentally hit the life-saving device attached to Anas’s neck. With this, the child became unconscious. After not hearing Anas’s voice for a long time, I got suspicious and saw Anas lying motionless. Abdul Rahim, who was frightened by this, called his maternal cousin’s son Muhammad Nasir, who was working in Saudi, and informed him. Later both informed the police. In the trial that followed, the court sentenced Abdul Rahim to death and Nazir to ten years in prison.

Anas’s family informed that Abdul Rahim would be pardoned if 15 million riyals (Rs. 34 crores) were paid as blood money after a long request.

Relative Mohammad Nazir said that none of the family members have been able to meet or talk to Abdul Rahim in 18 years. He said that the prayer is that the amount to be paid as blood money can be fully collected by April 16. The money for Abdul Rahim’s release is being collected under the leadership of MP Abdul Rahim Legal Assistant Committee, which is patronized by Public Works Minister Mohammad Riaz and Minister of State for External Affairs V. Muralidharan. For this account has been opened in Federal Bank, ICICI Bank and State Bank of India.

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Need Rs 30 crore as blood money to save Abdul Raheem from capital punishment

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