Royal Secret Agent Mission of the Secret Inspector ‘The Eye of the Joseon’ King

Although the Korean series industry has a variety of retro series and plot, for Royal Secret Agent Secret Inspector of the Joseon Dynasty (Amhaengeosa: Chosun Secret Service Division) This new retro series that just aired in the last month of 2020 is very interesting. Where the main character of the story is ‘Secret Inspector’ This is a very original and different plot from many of the period series we are familiar with.

In addition to the interesting story Casting the cast of this story is also talking about the draw. Kim Myung Soo or L. Infinite Come to take the lead with Kwon Nara Together with Lee Yi Kyung Lee Tae Hwan With many performers such as An Na Sang, Choi Jong Won Son, Byung Ho Chae, Dong Hyun, Park Joo Hyung, Shin Ji Woo, Kim Jooyoung, Jo Su Min Etc. to convey the role Through the supervision of Director Kim Jung Min Through experience directing many famous retro series such as The Princess’ Man , Joseon Gunman , Grand Prince , Queen: Love and War And of course when on air Such works did not disappoint. Able to launch the first 2 episodes with ratings 5.0% and 5.8%.

You can watch the copyrighted Thai subtitles website and Applications iQIYI

What is a secret inspector? In the series, this story tells the story of the performance of Secret Inspector It is a secretly appointed special position where the appointed person will perform duties directly with the King. Or known as the eye for the king In helping to monitor the livelihoods of the people As well as examining the inappropriate actions of the nobles Various government officials without disclosing this identity to anyone know

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The series begins with the death of the previous secret inspector while on duty. Whose records were delivered to the king’s hands. In which the record indicates the actions of oppression Exploit taxes from the people Of the powerful government officials The king urgently ordered the head of the secretary to find a new secret inspector. This must be a person who is reliable and has no relationship with the local government. But finding the right person is not easy ..

Song Lee Yom (played by L. Infinite) The Deputy Adviser of the Special Advisory Office (Hong Mun Nok Wan) lives the same day-to-day life as the general public. After working in Hong Mun Nokwan Nights are his happy time to spend gambling. Or socializing If looking from the outside Another envelope He seems to be living a lot of fun, fun, but once in a while he wrote a fraudulent criticism of the bureaucrat in the Jong Quan exam. (Noble Service Selection Examination) that impresses the highest score in the exam. One day, he and a friend were caught gambling in the palace in the middle of the night and were imprisoned for punishment. That was the beginning of another heavy duty assignment that was unlikely to be expected and foreseen.

“Will you be an eye for me?” It was the king’s next question. Another envelope In coming to serve as the secret inspector That he said Though he is the king But he was imprisoned Because those who claim to be faithful try to cover their ears and not let Him know what has happened to the outside world. In addition to the chief secretary who was actually by his side, the presence of secret inspectors Will allow him to know the real situation in the outside world

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Hong Da In (played by Kwon Nara) Even in front of you is known as ‘Hong Ran’ Gisang, the famous beauty and charm And behind the scenes, she keeps a secret report while hearing between the civil servants – the nobles. Coming to the Brothel Let the head secretary know in exchange for money, Dain is not good, just beauty. But with intelligence, cunning and courage She also has the goal of finding a man who worked in Son Yeong Wan 10 years ago, where she decides to take on the task of pursuing a secret inspector. In exchange for finding the identity of the person you are trying to find And found that the secret inspector was Another envelope In the past, both of them had a speech when she was in the brothel.

Mission to act as the secret inspector of Another envelope Along with followers like Park Soon Sam His servant and Hong Da In So it begins …

From what I had seen at the beginning of the story It is very interesting, ever. Both the story of the secret inspector’s mission Including the knot that is the background of the main characters Family matters Another envelope That the head secretary had investigated his history that another father resigned from the position of the head of the inspection office 10 years ago, leaving the clue that Prince Hwi Ong was the cause, including Hong Da In Who exactly is the person you are looking for

In the mood & tone section of the story, even though the story is retro But the narrative is not too stressful. There is a cut between the bright parts, the comedies come in between. At the same time, the main subject line for scouting corruption as a secret inspector is also attractive. Kim Myung Soo Or as many people know as L. Infinite There is a development in acting in every performance, which this time L’s role is well delivered. Especially the mode that looks leaky, selling funny that we accidentally said the word ‘naughty’ many times> _ Kwon Nara It is considered to pass the retro work for the first time. Which scenes of her debut as Gi Saeng It is the opening of a character that is stunningly beautiful in her beauty. Lee Yi Kyung Can bring a lot of color and laughter to the story Just seeing the face, I feel very kind with the funny nature of his hyung. Looking at the character overview again Yom and Kwon Nara. Are people who have to keep their identity a secret. Which has a story to discover together for both Plus there is not enough stinginess So the clash between the two characters was very enjoyable.

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With almost no retro series this year Royal Secret Agent Then came to close the end of this year to disappear and miss the retro style as well So who hasn’t watched yet? Let’s go see it. Is another series that has been launched that is interesting and interesting to follow, the real story can be viewed through the copyrighted Thai subtitles website and Applications iQIYI Okay ~

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